The EYE Team

The EYE team is led by Mr. Jay Galt. Since 2010 he has led teams of subject matter experts to Design, Build and Operate multiple Cannabis Facilities in both Canada and USA. Facilities include both Micro Grows and Licensed Producers for Cultivation, Processing, Retail and Medical Clinics. Sizes range from 5k to 300k SF. He developed intellectual property for nutrigation and daylighting to significantly enhance crop yields.

Enhanced Yield Experts is a cost effective, time efficient team of horticultural industry experts. Each member has been vetted for positive attitude, competence and character.

The EYE team is here to advance your business with our experience, knowledge, and technology, so that you can reduce your capital project and ongoing operating costs. You will maximize both your crop yield and business earnings – grow forward.

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Lexus Engineering

Lexus Engineering is a Consulting and Engineering company specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy Engineering.

We target the Multi-Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.